Geological consulting cooperative

We offer fast and accurate geological diagnostic and control tools to support the work of your geologists


Geologists working in the mining industry require fast and accurate diagnostic and control tools. GEOCOOP innovates by collaborating with its clients to develop tools for sample collection and quality control, in addition to providing in situ analytical services.

Our approach advantages

Quick identification
and management of geometallurgical challenges


Environmental mineralogy and quick identification of mining remediation challenges

Optimized mapping
of mineralization types

Our approach

MethodologyData baseRe: ICP-MSOs: NTIMSCarius tube digestionMineral phase selectionMEB-EDXMineralogicalcharacterizationConcentrated heavy metalsSulphideseparation8 fractions8 sievingDisaggregationMappingLIBS and MEBCaractérisationIn situ samplesSamples
“ Our unique approach allows us to give the greatest benefit to our customers. ”
Christian Sasseville, P.Geo., Ph.D.


Mining property assessment

Our services include:

  • Regional mapping
  • Detailed mapping
  • Structural geology in exploration
  • Deposit paragenesis
  • Exploration geochemistry
  • Target generation and follow-up
  • Mineralogical analysis
  • Report writing
GEOCOOP fait l'analyse minéralogique

Professional training

As a driver of innovation, we advocate industrial development through sampling, control and quality assurance.

Geoocoop forme les géologues

In situ analysis

We also provide a full range of expertise at competitive prices. Our expertise includes structural geology applied to exploration, geochemical dispersion flows, and metallogenic or geometallurgical analyses.

Le libs détermine l'âge de l'or


GEOCOOP is a solidarity cooperative that brings together specialized geologists. We focus on human equity. Our team brings together several specialists and experts in various disciplines of geology to solve your geological issues.



Christian Sasseville

P.Geo., Ph.D.
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Fabrice Surma

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